Paint Track decorative painter sponging on the first of three layers Before After sponge painting in three tones of grey/beige. Sponge-on in multi-color layers.

Sponge Painting 

Sponge painting is a quick and simple technique that begins with the application of a solid base paint color. After the base coat dries, a wash or glaze is applied on top. You use a dampened sponge to create a mottled look. More than one glaze or wash color can be applied for ever more complex effect. Each layer must be allowed to dry thoroughly before the next application.

A homeowner may want neutral tones of beige and grey, or different values of color in the same family for a tone-on-tone damask effect. Lighter colors are typically applied over darker ones to create depth, but the opposite can be done for more definition and texture.

Sponging-off is accomplished by applying a uniform glaze coat over the solid base with a brush or roller. Next, a decorative painter uses the sponge to remove some of the glaze to expose the undercoat. Do this before the glaze coat begins to dry. We always use a natural sea sponge instead of a synthetic household type to give a more varied and interesting texture.

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