Is it required to hire a licensed painter to paint for us?

Unlike electricians and plumbers, painting contractors are not required to pass a test to apply for a trade license. Anyone can apply for a general contracting license and start a painting business. It is up to the customers to ask lots of questions and expect contractors to back up their claims with appropriate documentation. If you’re about to hire a painting contractor to work on your residence or commercial property, make sure the company is licensed and properly insured.

How big a risk is it to hire uninsured to under-insured contractors?

Hiring unlicensed, uninsured, or under-insured contractors can put you and your property at great risk. What may seem like a great bargain can turn into to a huge financial loss due to lack of craftsmanship, shoddy materials, property being damaged or destroyed, unfinished work, etc. Keep in mind that dealing with uninsured and under-insured painters is risky and could be potentially devastating. While you’re shopping around for a painter, make sure all companies providing estimates are properly licensed and insured.

You may check the contractor’s license number and its status to make sure it’s current and problem-free by visiting the links below:

Our Westchester License number:
Westchester License number

Our Connecticut License Number: HIC.0628068
Connecticut License Number

Can you provide us with a free price estimate?

Yes, on our initial conversation we can sometimes give you a ball park price estimate over the phone. However, for more accurate and detail estimate a site visit is a must. When it comes to estimates, there are many variables such as the condition of the surface, level of customer expectation, material etc. to consider. Painting estimates can vary by as much as 50% or more from one contractor to the next. However, an accurate painting estimate should include all phases of the project, from job set up to preparation, painting and everything in between and no surprises.

Is your painting crew covered with proper insurances and worker’s compensation?

Acquiring a general liability insurance for a company that does not have any full-time employees is relatively inexpensive. However, having employees on the payroll not only requires the company to cover its workers by proper liability insurance but also requires it to cover employees with workers’ compensation insurance and disability insurance. This is in sharp contrast to many local companies that hire sub-contractors or day laborers do paint your home at putting you at risk. Remember, sub-contractors and day laborers are NOT covered by workers’ compensation insurance and if they get hurt on your property, you’ll be responsible for it.

At Paint Track we are a fully insured painting company and hire only fully vetted full-time employees. We carry liability, disability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Please ask all contractors to provide a copy of their workers’ compensation insurance certificate send to you by their insurance agents before the commencement of any work at your property.

What sort of warranty do you provide?

Paint Track Painting services has been in business since 2004 and we have completed thousands of residential and commercial painting projects. We back our work with FIVE YEAR labor and material warranty. Search the painting companies name online to find out what their past customers say about them. Chances are you’ll learn a lot about how they operate and if they are kind of house painters you are looking to hire. You need to make sure the contractor or company you hire is not going to use your project to provide on the job training at your expense.

Who will be painting my house?

At Paint Track, we hire ONLY fully vetted full-time employees. Our team of painters/craftsmen have a combined experience of over 100 years. Our employees go through regular job site and off job site training in areas of safety, customer service, technology, the operation of new tools and machines etc. Our employees are happy, career-oriented, well paid with benefits, bonuses, and truly care for their work. It is no surprise that many of our clients leave us a key or garage code to get in the house and lock up for the duration painting project.

How important is a membership to trade associations and continued education?

PDCA – It is extremely important to be involved with your industry to stay ahead of the curve. Being involved in the paint industry helps painting contractors stay informed and know about the latest innovations, techniques, and procedures to make the right recommendations for painting projects. Paint Track Painting Services has been an active member of the National PDCA since 1996 and have attended tens of national and regional conventions and workshops. Ray Rahni has served as the local PDCA chapter president from 2012-2014 and currently serves on the board of directors for North East Council of PDCA.

EPA – Our company is also an EPA-certified renovator. Customers must hire EPA certified companies to properly prep and paint lead-painted surfaces. If your home or office was built prior to 1978, chances are there is lead paint used on some or all the surfaces.

Fine Paints of Europe and Benjamin Moore certifications – Ray Rahni is also a Fine Paints of Europe and Benjamin Moore stain certified. The certification courses involve learning about species of wood, proper preparation of wood surfaces, understanding root causes of paint failure, and products that have superior performance on the interior and exterior painted surfaces.