Remodel for Reason campaign to give back to healthcare professionals and frontline workers fighting the COVID-19

At Paint Track we understand the severity of COVID-19 and we understand the toll it is taking on our essential workers and healthcare specialists who have been working day in and day out, risking their own lives to help others.

As a result of this, Paint Track would like to give back by working with essential workers in giving 10 of them free painting services of up to $1500 in value each after it is deemed safe to begin construction work. 

Email and rules below to nominate you or a frontline healthcare/essential worker you know and let us know how they are serving us and their communities and we will choose 10 people.

We appreciate everything you all are doing and want to share your stories. During this uncertain time, we want to give back to the people that are risking their lives to help others. Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, etc. Again, thank you to all of you that are on the frontlines, and thank you to everyone who has maintained social distancing so we can flatten the curve and save lives.

If you are a frontline worker or know of anybody you could nominate, please send us an email to or comment on our Instagram or Facebook page. You can also fill out the form by clicking here.

We would like to challenge all contractors/designers/etc. to join us and keep “Remodel for Reason” going throughout their own community.

If you are a contractor or designer interested in learning more about “Remodel for Reason” please email and we will forward you details or click HERE. We will also make a post shouting you out on our Instagram/Facebook page if you end up joining the challenge. Let’s do what we can for those on the frontlines!

Rules for Nominations: 

  • Fill out the form HERE or Email nomination to
  • May nominate yourself or a friend/family member that is on the frontlines
  • Each complimentary project is up to 1500 value
  • Must live in the Westchester area
  • Must explain what they are doing on the frontlines and include pictures for verification purposes
  • Short description of what you or your nominee would use the painter for a day or two for

Note: We can offer paint for a day or two days to complete the work. For example, a painter can paint an average bedroom in two days, or a powder room in one day. We are also open to doing touch-ups you may need. If you are chosen, we will reach out for photos of the area you would like painted. We are excited to see where the remodel for reason campaign takes us!

Paint Track