Planning your next exterior project

The holiday season is here! We all get to sit down and look back at what we have accomplished throughout the old year.

Spending time with the family and enjoying the colorful decorations tend to inspire great ideas. This is the time of the year we use to make our New Year’s resolutions.Everyone wants to make their home and place of work both comfortable and cozy. A fresh coat of paint can provide harmony and warmth to the interior or a great curb appeal and protection to the exterior of any house.

Dealing with the actual devising of such a project, though could be quite stressful and requires some planning ahead. From selecting the right color to scheduling the actual job requires time and preparation. If you think the exterior of your home or building needs to be repainted, make sure not to wait until the last minute to call painters.

Plan well in advance by consulting with a professional company or painting contractor and get on their calendar. Most professional painting companies get booked early on. Depending on the amount of rain during the season they might not be able to accommodate to your painting project. Don’t wait until the last minute to consult with professionals!

What to do when planning your next exterior project

Here are some tips on what every homeowner should consider when planning for their next painting project:

What do I need to do to get ready – Exterior painting projects don’t require as much involvement from the homeowners after the work has begun. Interior though would mean more preparation and coordination. Moving and storing personal belonging, fragile, and valuable items out of the working area are a few things to consider. Also, is it necessary for someone to stay home during the span of a project or the company and painting crew are trustworthy and can work and lock up each day without the need for someone to stay home.

Brainstorm – Know what you want to achieve by painting and when you want to do it. Are you trying to refresh the faded color or want to protect the exterior from elements right before the winter?

Pick the right color – Doing some research on what is trending is always helpful. Start by looking around the neighborhood or simply while driving. Look for houses similar in style to yours and base your colors on them. If you are not sure, try getting help from a professional color consultant or pick few sample cans and try the colors you are considering.

Final tips for planning painting work

Figure out when to begin work – Don’t wait until the last minute if you don’t want to pay a premium price! Schedule upfront to make sure that your painting project will be done at the best time for you. The best time to call a painting company and schedule work is during the slow months – usually January-March in the New York and Connecticut areas. Painting companies are eager to keep their crew working during the winter months and can offer special rates for interior projects; this is also true for exterior painting. You could call the painting company during that time and get priority scheduling and maybe betters rates.

How to find out if you are dealing with the right painting contractor – After meeting with a contractor/estimator for the company, homeowners can get a lot of insight by the way the person represents him or herself and the company. You want to hire someone who is knowledgeable. The contractor/estimator should be able to pinpoint causes of paint failure and how to remedy and prevent this from happening again. The right painting company stands by its work and ensure proper surface preparation and product recommendation to ensure aesthetic appeal and longevity for your painted surface.

Following these few simple steps yields great results. Call few months in advance to ensure you get priority in scheduling your project.

Enjoy the holidays and most importantly, your families.

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