Looking to hire a professional painting contractor? We have operated in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT for years and customer referrals have been a great source of new business for us. While many people ask a friend or a neighbor to refer a professional painting company or a painter, many others end up searching for a house painter online. In either case customers need to do some homework before and after meeting with painting contractors to ensure they hire the right one.

Here is a list of tips to consider when hiring a painting contractor:

  • Have a list of what you want to paint and any other project related details (e.g., restorations, expectation) you want to discuss with a prospective contractor before you make an appointment with them.
  • Call two to three painting contractors and be ready to answer some related questions regarding the project. If the painting contractor is the right fit for the project, set up a time to meet. Leave enough time to discuss the project with each painter. Meeting the potential contractor in person enables you to observe his or her timeliness, appearance, professional knowledge of products, and advice, etc.

The following are good questions to ask during a meeting:

  • Ask if they are licensed and insured and whether they can provide a liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance certificates.
  • Are they a member of any professional painter’s association? (Where they are kept in the loop about the best practices.)
  • Can they provide references?
  • Ask about the process and work sequence. A good painting contractor should be knowledgeable enough to educate you about what needs to be done and make professional recommendations.
  • What sort of warranty can they provide for their work?
  • Ask for a detailed project estimate to include the scope of work, paint work sequence, detail preparation, the number of coats, products, cost and payment schedule, and the workmanship guarantees.

After the estimates

There is still one more step once you have received estimates and have gathered all information. Put your estimates side by side to make sure they are comparable. By this time, you will have a good idea of which painter is better qualified to work on your project. Avoid proceeding with the unusually low estimate. If it is too good to be true, it is probably to go to be true. In the long run, save you time, avoid cost run-up, redoing, and aggravations.

Make sure you sign a written agreement or contract prior to the start of a painting project. Read the contract to make sure it spells out the work scope, pricing based on the provided estimate, and provides you a guarantee. The contract should also include a payment schedule.

I hope these tips help you hire a professional painting contractor

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