Therma-Tru Doors

Staining and finishing Therma-Tru doors are projects I truly enjoy doing.

Gel staining doors require patience and organization to achieve the best professional result. So, if you plan on staining a door, don’t rush through it, and follow the staining instructions closely. It is possible to stain and clear-coat a Therma-Tru door in one day. However, many new doors are installed along with side glass sections that need to be stained as well.

How long does it take to stain and finish?

There are also many cases where the interior and exterior stain colors are not the same color and therefore require more time to finish. It is a good practice to finish all the preparation and staining of Therma-Tru doors in one day. Then you will apply your clear coat the next day. This way you don’t take chances on applying the finish coat on when the stain is not completely dry.

Don’t forget that door casing is usually made of natural wood. Even if you use the same stain, the casings might not match the door. In such cases, some samples are needed to figure out what stain color to use for the casing to match the door color. It is well worth spending some time to figure out the right colors and practice runs before you are ready to start the actual staining of the door.

Tips and instructions on staining Therma-Tru doors on your own.