Recently, Paint Track was approached by a customer who was looking for a painter that could spray an outdoor sculpture for the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. The steel sculpture stands 10 feet high and reads “Truth in Timbre”. The artist had envisioned this sculpture to be sprayed in an exterior metallic paint. This is a color scheme that many paint manufacturers do not make. The artist called many painters, but none seemed up to the challenge of looking for a metallic gold paint that would work. That was, until they called Paint Track Painting Services.

Researching Metallic Paint

When Paint Track first got the call to paint the Caramoor sculpture with metallic paint, we knew it was time to research and find a product that could hold up to the weather. We also needed to find a primer that would adhere to the raw steel and ensure that rust would not bleed through over time.

A year ago, we worked on a project using Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Acrylic Coating on raw steel catwalks, and it worked beautifully. This product would be the perfect primer for our finish. After speaking to different paint representatives, we finally spoke to Rust- Oleum, who suggested a Modern Masters Metallic Paint.

Modern Masters Exterior Metallic Paint Collection

After many hours of research and reading data sheets, Paint Track settled on Modern Master’s Exterior Metallic Paint. The Artist’s choice was for a gold for the sculpture. Modern Master’s was the perfect choice for this project. The company was founded in the 1960s, and is known for their high quality specialty paints. Many architects, designers, and decorative painter’s use their products for high end finishes. Modern Master’s metallic product’s are so well made, that they have pushed many other metallic paint producing companies out of production.

Spraying Modern Masters Paint

Once we had the products locked down, we were ready to paint. The first step in the process was cleaning and sanding the steel. To remove rust and degrease the steel, we used two amazing Rust Oleum Products. First, we sanded the steel sculpture, then Krud Kutter’s Rust Inhibitor, and finished with Krud Kutter’s cleaner degreaser. Second, we applied Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Acrylic Coating to allow our finish to adhere. Lastly, we applied two coats of Modern Masters Exterior Metallic Paint for a beautiful finish. The artist is over the moon and we could not be happier!

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