It’s been a long winter and many of us can’t wait to be done with the winter blues.

Many painting contractors are not as busy as they usually are during the warmer summer months. However, we always plan to maintain a steady workflow to keep our painting crew busy during cold months.

Recently, our team of professional painters was busy with a medium size commercial project at a school facility in Westchester County. We had painted the exterior of this school building in the summer and planned for the interior painting for the winter months. Although the project had its challenges – the work had to be done after school hours and during the weekends. Nevertheless, everything went smoothly from start to finish. Our dedicated painting crew managed to work nights and weekends. Additionally, we cleaned and put the classrooms back together before the school started every morning.

Commercial painting project

In this commercial painting project, we used special sanders hooked to HEPA filter vacuums. We used these for prepping the walls and all zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint products for the actual painting. We are pleased to say that the painting project was wrapped up smoothly and safely. Additionally, all surfaces were painted bright and fresh new colors for this school to enjoy.

When you are searching for a commercial painter you need to consider a few important factors besides the price. Although price probably ranks high on your list, safety, proper insurance, and experience in dealing with commercial painting work are as important. Most companies that paint public buildings need a higher liability insurance as well as coverage for disability and worker’s compensation insurances. Don’t forget the importance of hiring a painting company that not only carries the proper insurance but also has a good safety track record and properly trained painters.

If you are considering any painting projects soon, we can certainly help. This is a great time of the year to plan and prioritize your painting to-do list, we’d be pleased to help however we possibly can.

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Here are some pictures of the school painting project in Pleasantville NY.