Every professional knows that the field they specialize in is always changing. What was hot today might not be tomorrow. Keeping up with changes in the painting industry should be a top priority for all painting contractors. New environmentally friendly paints and color trends are changing all the time, being informed is the best way to help customers make the right decision when deciding on paint products or colors.

Painters need to be able to provide up-to-date information for their customers. We are living in a time when Facebook, Instagram, and fast movement of information shape our society. Painting contractors should be able to educate their client and help them choose the right product for the right projects.

As the highest consumer-rated painting company in Westchester, we need to keep up with changes in the paint industry in order to serve our customers’ best interest. Our line of work calls for staying on top of changes in the industry and getting the proper education to be able to give good and most importantly valid advice to our clients. Recently, I was browsing the web looking at what is trending for exterior paint colors. I happened to come across a great article by James Hardie.

He discusses how gray is getting quite popular for homeowners. Although grays have been popular as key accent colors in the past few years, today they are being chosen as a primary exterior color. It blends well with white and dark trim, making it perfect for a primary color.

A neutral palette provides a dramatic contrast to white or dark trim to achieve eye-catching curb appeal while fitting comfortably into any neighborhood. As the main color choice, gray frames the natural beauty of landscaping without competing for attention. And the classic combination of gray, black and white on traditional homes creates a peaceful harmony.

The exterior of your house expresses who you are. Picking the right color is of great importance. Different shades of a color, on the other hand further personalize the feeling that your house portrays.

Dark grays, blues, and greens can feel both intellectual and modern. Soft grays and neutral shades are safe but sophisticated. Lighter colors evoke a sense of sweetness and charm. Yellows and greens convey happiness and freshness. The colors of the sky and water are naturally calming. Navy blue feels classic while robin’s egg blue feels breezy. Deep reds, rich browns and golden yellows are warm and welcoming.

Taking these trend ideas and insights into consideration aids homeowners tremendously in deciding on the right color for their exterior. After all, we want our homes to both look modern and to make a statement.

Feel free to check out the full article to gain some more insight when planning for your next painting project. As I discussed in my previous post, planning upfront will save you some headaches.