Bleach To Clean Mildew?

Seven common questions about exterior painting

Do you use bleach to clean the mildew before painting?

Most pro painters like to deal with well-informed customers who take an interest in their own project. A customer that does their own research, and want to understand the process to ensure quality and duration. As a result, I have an easy time discussing and coming up with a proper solution for well-informed customers regarding their painting project.

On the other hand, there are those people who have no interest in hearing what the right spec for their project is and what they need to know in order to avoid costly repair work down the road! I sometimes feel painters are to be blamed for spreading wrong information as well.

If painters don’t outline their process and set expectation how does customer supposed to make a decision on who to hire for the job!

One question that comes up repeatedly is related to cleaning exterior surfaces before painting. “Do you use bleach to clean the exterior mildew before painting?”

Unfortunately, most people believe outdoor bleach cleans mildew in preparation for exterior painting of the building. However, the reality is that bleach does not clean mildew but rather discolors it, making us believe the mildew is gone and the surface is clean.

What cleaning solutions should I use to clean mildew?

Mildew is living bacteria and to disinfect and kill mildew, many paint manufacturers have come up with a cleaning solution that does exactly that. Furthermore, there are house cleaning solutions and they range from harsh chemicals to safer products that aren’t harmful to plants!

Is using bleach bad?

Outdoor bleach is a fraction of the price of house cleaning solutions sold by paint companies. Bleach is harmful to plants, animals, humans, and soil and should not be used for cleaning houses and buildings. For these reasons, we should not use bleach and look for products that are safer and do a better job of cleaning mildew!

We have been successfully using Oxygen Bleach which is totally safe for plants, animals and environmentally friendly to clean exterior surfaces before painting. It is much safer for and it does clean mildew.