Deck brought back to life by Paint Track Painting Services

Deck brought back to life by Paint Track Painting Services

As we get closer to the Spring season many are planning to spruce up the exterior of their homes or just keep up with regular maintenance.

Power Washing

Most exterior painting and staining projects start with cleaning and power-washing. There are few important tips to keep in mind when planning for power-washing of your home. Rinsing exterior painted surfaces on annual or bi-annual basis will clean the dust and airborne particles that get stuck on the surface.
Doing so will help with the longevity of the painted surface, but also keeps your home exterior look fresh year after year. When it comes to the painting of an exterior, it is highly recommended to clean all exterior surfaces before painting. This includes wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, etc. However, professionals know that improper use of pressure washer and chemicals can damage the surface. Additionally, this can harm plants and the surrounding environment.

Here is a list of DOs and DON’Ts when power-washing:

  • Cut back plants and shrubs away from the home – this will allow for ease of access and proper air flow to help keep those areas dry and prevent mildew buildups.
  • It is extremely important to adjust the pressure depending on the surface being washed. Higher pressure for concrete and hardwood and low pressure for soft wood, vinyl, and aluminum.
  • High pressure can damage wood surfaces, break the seal on windows, penetrate behind vinyl or wood siding and cause wood rot or mildew growth in the back. Always keep safety in mind!
  • Operating a power washer on a ladder or high platform is extremely hazardous. Make sure that the painting company has a well-trained staff and proper insurance! This will ensure professional results while minimizing the risk!
  • DO NOT USE BLEACH based solutions to clean the exterior of your house. Unlike general belief, bleach discolors mildew but does nothing to break the bond between mildew and surfaces. That’s why so many residential painting companies that use bleach as a cleaning solution resort to the use of extremely high pressure to blast off the mildew and dirt!
    • This can infuse moisture into the wood and cause paint failure and wood rot. Furthermore, bleach deteriorates wood fibers and shortens the life of wood surfaces. Not to mention the harm it incurs on plants and vegetation.

Final thoughts on power washing

USE ONLY: house/wood cleaning products recommended by top paint manufacturers.

These products are specifically designed to eliminate mildew with minimum impact on the environment and without the need to use high pressure.

Lastly, it is extremely important to ensure the surface is completely dry before sealing it with stain or paint. Sometimes the wood seems to be dry, but there could be moisture inside and the only way to know is to test it by using a moisture meter.

Most paint manufacturers call for the moisture level of 15% or less before paint or stain can be applied on the surface. 

The above recommendations are results of many years of researching/trying different cleaning products and completing hundreds of exterior painting projects in and around New York and Connecticut area.

The products that we use are both human and environmentally friendly and yield the best results. For instance, we use oxygen bleach as our main cleaning solution. It is safe for the environment and our employees, and it has maximum cleaning effect. Mildew never stands a chance!