Last year we launched our own “Remodel for Reason” Charity Program to give back to Frontline and Essential workers. We picked 10 deserving individuals to give two thousand dollars worth of painting to. We promised to be back in 2021 with a new goal in mind, and we want to keep that promise.

This year we partnered up with the PCA/Painter Contractor Association to bring our program back and make it even bigger than before, but with a slight name change. This year we are participating with the PCA painting contractor members all over the United States to bring “Paint It Forward” to Westchester.  

“Paint it Forward” is a collaborative event where PCA Members will be able to help those in their communities, no matter where in the nation they are; and this year, the team at Paint Track is looking for a certain group of individuals to give back to; School Faculty. We’re looking for Teachers, Custodians, Bus Drivers, Lunch Aids, School Nurses, Office Faculty- really anyone that is an integral part of our school systems. From our submissions we will pick three individuals and give them a paint job with a value of three thousand dollars.

In order to apply for yourself or apply for someone you know, fill out the Google Form.

If you can, please spread the word of our Remodel for Reason project so we can give back to those who are integral parts of our children’s education.

Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday!

Remodel For Reason 2020 Winner

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